uViLe-F - I want to import fruits from Japan.

Magokoro Nouen, 41-1 Kamigarako, Oaza, Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture 355-0077 Tokyo Office:7th floor, Iidabashi T&S Building, 3-6-8 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0072
Contact information
  • 03-6869-8062
  • manacocoro.info@uvile-f.co.jp ushio@uvile-f.co.jp
  • https://www.manacocoro.jp/
Export system and facility development.
Efforts have been made to export products since 2020 by interviewing local buyers and surveying markets, centered on Southeast Asia, in targeting overseas markets due to, e.g., stagnant domestic prices. Strawberries are very delicate, so we strive daily in our research to ensure the delivery of delicious products that retain the same quality as in Japan.
PR activities overseas
Exports began in 2020 centered on Southeast Asia. Exports to North America also began in 2022.
Characteristics and strengths of businesses (producers)
Encouraged by the variety of contacts we established through our telecommunications construction business until 2014, we aspired to establish uViLe-F in 2016 as an agricultural corporation to produce and sell strawberries. We began stable production of high quality strawberries in 2018, making use of ICT and our knowhow cultivated over the years. We currently operate the biggest strawberry farm within the prefecture. "Bringing smiles to people's faces! × Vitalizing agriculture!" through strawberries.
Production and export volume information
  • Area planted with variety - Tochiotome --> 134 a - Amarin --> 5 a
  • Production quantity Around 80 t/year Production per tan: 6.5 t
  • Quantity available for export(annually) 20 t - 30 t
  • Quantity available for export (per export) 250 kg
  • Minimum quantity available for export Containers, pallets, etc.
  • Total export quantity per region Southeast Asia, North America: 10 t - 20 t
Trademarks and certifications
  • Patents Patented
  • GI certification None
  • - Certified farmers in Higashimatsuyama City - Certified farmers of the Export Business Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries - Members of the Saitama Prefectural Yoeki Strawberry Research Association - Members of the Higashimatsuyama Society of Commerce and Industry - Members of the Higashimatsuyama Tourist Agency - Facilities involved in sorting and packaging fruits bound for Thailand that satisfy JFS standards
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