What is the Japan Fruits and Vegetables Export Promotion Council?

What is the Japan Fruits and Vegetables Export Promotion Council?

In recent years, Japanese fruits and vegetables have been praised for their extremely high quality, safety, and security, and demand is gradually increasing, especially in the United States and Asian countries where incomes are rapidly increasing.
However, the export of fruits and vegetables remains a matter of individual efforts by producers, distributors, etc., and collaboration between production areas and products is not progressing. In addition, there are many issues such as differences in the export destination country's plant quarantine system and pesticide residue standards, differences between the export destination country's business practices and Japan, and the development of freshness preservation and long-term storage technology for exported fruits and vegetables. I have a problem. In order to promote exports, we must resolve these issues, promote exports by communicating the appeal of Japanese fruits and vegetables overseas, and improve domestic and international export systems, and strive to promote the fruit and vegetable industry. That is important.

Based on this background, we believe that it is necessary for producers, distributors, and other fruit and vegetable stakeholders to come together and work together to develop a system to promote fruit and vegetable exports. Therefore, we established the Japan Fruits and Vegetables Export Promotion Council with the aim of further strengthening fruit and vegetable export promotion.
From now on, under this council, we would like to speed up the expansion of fruit and vegetable exports.

The Japan Fruits and Vegetables Export Promotion Council promotes domestic fruits and vegetables through projects necessary to promote the export of domestically produced fruits and vegetables and their processed products (hereinafter referred to as "domestic fruits and vegetables, etc."), and through the collection and provision of information related to the export of domestically produced fruits and vegetables. Established on May 28, 2015, with the aim of promoting exports of products such as

The council will carry out the following activities:

(1) Promotion of domestic fruits and vegetables at home and abroad
(2) Holding exhibitions, seminars, etc.
(3) Overseas marketing research
(4) Holding a review meeting regarding cooperation between production areas and improvement of the export environment, etc.
(5) Support for export activities by exporters of domestic fruits and vegetables, etc.
(6)Other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of the council

As of September 2024, there are 81 organizations participating in this council. We will conduct the above-mentioned activities while recruiting members of this council from time to time.