Secretariat of Promotion Council for the International Distribution of Iwate's Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Products - I want to import fruits from Japan.

Distribution Division, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Iwate Prefectural Government, 10-1 Uchimaru, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture 020-8570
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Export system and facility development.
Through the FY 2017 Project to Bolster Growing Regions, a facility to maintain freshness (SmartFresh) was established as a measure allowing products to withstand long hours of shipment.
PR activities overseas
We have basically focused on negotiating on-site in overseas markets and taken advantage of the expanded and prolonged opening of sales booths in response to demand for products other than apples. Examples include the start of sweet potato cultivation dedicated to exports, and on-site production and sales of apple pies made from low quality apples.
Characteristics and strengths of businesses (producers)
The only apple growing region in Japan meeting the requirements for export regulations in North America (Canada and the U.S.). Furthermore, the region registers producers in sorting products for export and packacking them in a way that allows differentiation, to handle the regulations and quarantine inspections of various countries. The region has been expanding exports as a pioneer in breaking into markets in new countries.
Production and export volume information
  • Area planted with variety Beni Roman: 3.4 ha Sansa: 11.3 ha Kio: 8.5 ha Tsugaru: 25.6 ha Beni Iwate: 10.4 ha Jonagold: 34.7 ha Shinano Sweet: 8.9 ha Orin: 10 ha Shinano Gold: 22.9 ha Fuji: 220.4 ha Haruka: 14.9 ha Others: 53 ha Total: 423.9 ha
  • Production quantity JA joint sorting facility: 3,576 t
  • Quantity available for export(annually) 286 t (8 % of total)
  • Quantity available for export (per export) 10 kg - 11,000 kg (single units to 40 ft containers)
  • Minimum quantity available for export Same as above. Payments to be made strictly within Japan, with the exporter paying for the cost of transportation.
  • Total export quantity per region (Results in FY2022) Thailand: 9.6 t Vietnam: 1.0 t Taiwan: 19.7 t Hong Kong: 3.7 t Singapore: 0.5 t Canada 0.3 t The U.S.: 15.4 t
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