Minami-Shinsyu Agricultural Cooperative Association - I want to import fruits from Japan.

281 Higashikanae, Kanae, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture 395-0817
Contact information
  • 0265-21-2317
  • han00-1@mis.nn-ja.or.jp
  • https://www.ja-mis.iijan.or.jp/
Export system and facility development.
Domestic demand for Ichida persimmons peaks in December, while a drop in demand in January and February had been an issue. But promotion has been bolstered since 2016, centered on Southeast Asia, to maintain domestic balance in supply and demand by marketing the product overseas. We hope to make many overseas fans.
PR activities overseas
Promoted in Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung). Promoted in Hong Kong (Japanese supermarkets). Promoted in Malaysia and Singapore. Cooperation with ABC Cooking Studio to hold sampling events at studios in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
Characteristics and strengths of businesses (producers)
Ichida persimmons are put through multiple stages in their processing and cultivation management. Hygiene is managed thoroughly by inspecting the facilities of all JA suppliers before processing begins.
Production and export volume information
  • Area planted with variety Ichida persimmons: 332 ha
  • Production quantity 1200t
  • Quantity available for export(annually) 100t
  • Quantity available for export (per export) 1t
  • Minimum quantity available for export 179 g trays × Containing 30 (5.1 ㎏) 20 cases
  • Total export quantity per region Taiwan: 60 t Hong Kong: 6 t Singapore: 1.2 t Malaysia: 0.8 t Thailand: 1.8 t Vietnam: 0.07 t Cambodia: 0.4 t
Trademarks and certifications
  • Patents Patented
  • GI certification GI certified
  • Various other certifications (Ichida Persimmon Kobo) Various HACCP certifications 2021/2022 Monde Selection Grand Gold Quality Award
Introduction video