OGON no mura Co., Ltd. - I want to import fruits from Japan.

47-3 Kamihira Aza Kitominamiu Naka-cho Naka-gun, Tokushima Prefecture 771-6404
Contact information
  • 0884-64-8883
  • info@ogonnomura.jp
  • https://ogonnomura.jp/
Export system and facility development.
Yuzu, a renowned citrus fruit of Japan, has become highly popular among Michelin Star chefs and pastry chefs in France, and today, it has grown into a world-renowned taste. Kochi Prefecture exported yuzu to France for the first time in 2012, but OGON no mura too, began exporting the following year in 2013 to arrive at where we stand today. The fruit has also been exhibited at food fairs in the EU.
PR activities overseas
Specifically, the yuzu has been exhibited at food fairs at SIRHA, SIAL, ANUGA, etc.
Characteristics and strengths of businesses (producers)
We were awarded the Asahi Agriculture Prize in 1977. We sponsored the National Yuzu Summit in 1987. We acquired a GI mark in 2017, and the terroir (environmental factors) was introduced throughout the world as being ideal for growing high quality yuzu.
Production and export volume information
  • Area planted with variety Yuzu 5 ha
  • Production quantity 150t
  • Quantity available for export(annually) 2t
  • Quantity available for export (per export) 600kg
  • Minimum quantity available for export 300kg
  • Total export quantity per region France: 1.5 t Germany: 0.3 t
Trademarks and certifications
  • Patents None
  • GI certification GI certified
  • Various other certifications JFS-B certified
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