Kagoshima Federation of Economic Agricultural Cooperatives - I want to import fruits from Japan.

5th Floor Nokyokaikan, 15 Kamoikeshinmachi, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 890-8515
Contact information
  • 099-258-5650
  • https://www.kg-shoku.jp/publics/index/5/
  • https://www.kg-shoku.jp/
Export system and facility development.
JA Kagoshima Federation of Economic and Agricultural Cooperatives has been preparing the region for exporting sweet potatoes since 2020 through the Global Farmers / Fishermen / Foresters / Food Manufacturers Project. There is great overseas demand for good quality Japanese sweet potatoes, and efforts are being made in overseas market surveys, negotiations with buyers, overseas fairs, etc., to further expand overseas sales channels.
PR activities overseas
Sweet potatoes are exported to regions centered on Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand (exports of sweet potatoes have been declining in recent years due to the impact of foot rot).
Characteristics and strengths of businesses (producers)
"Prioritizing the safety of food," Kumishoku delivers agricultural products produced by the people, climate and culture of Kagoshima to consumers and customers, based on thorough quality control.
Production and export volume information
  • Area planted with variety 3,300a
  • Production quantity 500t
  • Quantity available for export(annually) 20t
  • Quantity available for export (per export) 1〜3t
  • Minimum quantity available for export 100kg
  • Total export quantity per region Hong Kong: 0.6 t
Trademarks and certifications
  • Patents None
  • GI certification None
  • Various other certifications None
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